Who we are

We are an advertising agency in Mumbai called Mezzanine. Founded in October 2008 as a niche creative shop with one client, Mezzanine is today a full-fledged communications company which in a brief period of time has built up a considerable body of work that belies our fledgling status, and gives an indication about what lies ahead.

We work with select, like-minded clients. We believe our forte is our understanding of the new upwardly mobile Indian, who we believe is truly a citizen of the world, in every sense.

We are small but that seldom reflects in our work. We are open to letting clients go if they don’t live up to our expectations. At the same time, we expect to be fired if we don’t live up to theirs.

What We do

We try to create communication that works – with honesty, with diligence and with respect.

We are honest to ourselves, which allows us to be honest to our clients. Most importantly, we believe in being honest with the end consumer, who has too many options and too little time.

We are diligent in our approach, which means we do our research thoroughly, both about the brand we are building as well as the target audience. One without the other would be only half the story.

We respect the brands we build, but more importantly, we respect the consumer. We believe our communication should engage him, not encircle him, cajole him, or coerce him. Our firm belief is that every consumer is basically intelligent, and anybody who believes otherwise is not.